Introducing Daniela Sivevski

Nya Rituals, a wellness elixir brand that's obsessed with teas, elixirs, health, plants and herbs, takes a holistic approach to restoring the full-body wellness of its clients. 

Founded by Daniela Sivevski, the majority of her life has been dedicated to finding unique ways to support clients' well-being through the power of nature and its healing properties. Born in Australia to Macedonian and Bosnian parents, Daniela was inspired by her mother, who encouraged the use of food as medicine. Daniela spent her childhood immersed in nature, learning, and then intuitively mixing and blending herbs in the kitchen. 

Excited by the possibilities of nature, Daniela set out to fulfill a lifelong journey studying natural medicine, leading to a degree in Naturopathy, with a Bachelors in Nutritional Medicine and Herbal Medicine. Daniela has helped people transform their health and restore vitality, all while changing their perspectives on how nature is part of us we are not separate.

Daniela is known for her passion and compassion towards humans, nature, and the planet. She is a natural advocate for self-care, encouraging people to lead a healthy lifestyle that promotes a conscious, sustainable way of life for themselves and future generations. 

Allira Organics

Daniela is also the Founder of Skincare brand Allira Organics.

Allira produces vegan and cruelty free products that are handcrafted in our local lab by a naturopath and nutritionist with over 20 years’ experience in natural skincare formulations.

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